Lighting Hearts Lighting Homes as a ground initiative, hopes in its own small way to be able to spread cheer, love and respite from the daily humdrum and difficulties by visiting the underprivileged amongst us in the community during annual festivities.

This ground up initiative also brings together people from all walks, from a student to a savvy professional and businessman, to contribute, pack and distribute the ‘love filled festive packs’ to beneficiaries. Through this gesture, we hope to make a small difference in the life of a total stranger, and in doing so, reflect and light many homes and hearts.


It all started as a desire to make a small difference in the lives of underprivileged elderly and families. With the festival of Lights around the corner, it was decided that it would be a nice gesture to provide those in need with festive goods and Ang Baos during the festive season as a way to lighten up their festive moods. Thus, we set out on raising $2,000 to help 20 identified households. However, in less than a day, there was an overwhelming amount of donations from family and friends, enabling us to raise a total of $14,500. That was when it dawned upon us that there were so many people in the community who were willing to help the less fortunate, but did not know how they could do so. Lighting Hearts Lighting Homes, as we termed it then, ended up sprucing up several elderly homes, helping 80 households, 60 migrant workers and 28 boys at the Ramakrishnan Mission on its maiden outreach.
Today, LHLH continues to provide a platform for those who want to make a difference and connects them with those who will benefit from the help extended.

Our mission

  • To create opportunities for people from all walks of lives to be able to give back to the community
  • To bring festive joy to beneficiaries
  • To ensure every single cent donated goes towards helping the beneficiaries
  • To further support individual beneficiaries in need of more assistance
  • To raise awareness and in the short run facilitate in improving the beneficiary’s life

A Greater Impact Every Year




2020 is LHLH’s 8th year, since its humble inception in 2013. This ground up movement has slowly grown to reach out to more underprivileged individuals and families. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without love, believe and kind assistance from our family, friends, volunteers, supporters and well-wishers from the community. To us, this is a true testament of how every ONE of us could make a difference in our own way and shares the joys of giving to a total stranger, and reinforces the positive affirmation that to give is indeed to receive.

This year, we are in the midst of a global pandemic, which has resulted in tremendous social challenges. The struggles of vulnerable families like our beneficiaries have been further exacerbated by the pandemic. In these turbulent times, more than ever, your donations and support for this year’s outreach is crucial.

Details on 2020 Outreach
As per the safe distancing measures and restrictions, there will be some limitations and changes as to how we will operate this year.

Outreach. We are planning to outreach to more families this year, and we will be gifting them with a $100 to $120 festive angbao per family (depending on how much we are able to raise), alongside a set of 2 goodies – Suji biscuits and Murukkus. Please note that there will be no rations packing or distribution this year.

Cookies. As per our practice in the past years, we welcome you to bake simple Suji biscuits for our beneficiaries. The goodies are to be dropped off at Sree Narayana Mission from 28 OCT to 1 NOV 2020.

Delivery. Similar to the previous LHLH events, we will also require volunteer drivers to deliver the angbao and cookies from 1 to 10 NOV 2020.

Registration to deliver the ration packs has not been open yet.

  • 2019 – $207,203.85
  • 2018 – $186,507.50
  • 2017 – $120,356.81
  • 2016 – $102,971.85
  • 2015 – $82,002.51
  • 2014 – $35,000
  • 2013 – $13,500

Beneficiaries & Partners

We have gained some momentum over the years with the out-pouring of support and trust from well-wishers, family and friends. This enabled us to reach out to more beneficiaries

The beneficiaries for each year’s initiative are selected in consultation with municipal help agencies, Family Services Centres and Voluntary Welfare Organizations at each vicinity island wide. Most of our recipients are elderly or disabled persons living alone, single parents and other deserving households through referrals. 

For 2018, we have found new friends in this endeavor. LHLH is partnering with Sree Narayana Mission (Singapore) – SNM, an Institute of Public Character (IPC) UEN No: S48SS016D. This partnership will not only allow us to hopefully cast a wider net to help more people in need, but to also hopefully assist our beneficiaries in a more consistent manner throughout the year. We will now be able to point them towards appropriate programmes and schemes which they may not be aware of or have access to.

As we are partnering SNM this year, all donations above $50 will be entitled to 2.5x tax exemption. Hence we are fortunate to be able to reach out beyond our family and friends but also to individuals, corporates and organisations to raise funds which is tax deductible.

Please contact us for information on how to donate and sponsor items for the festive packs.