Bake from the Heart

We are excited to share with you that we will be having our annual cookies donation drive this year too! Delicious homemade cookies are festive essential and the process of making them as a labour of love, joy and sweat is a highlight of the Festival of Lights.

It is definitely more convenient to buy these goodies readymade from shops, but we believe it is just as important to prepare the goodies with love and share it with our beneficiaries. LHLH will be baking Chocolate Chip cookies for 500 beneficiaries this Deepavali.

And as always, we cannot do this without your help. Do sign up on the link below if you would like to bake to spread the love!

We will be arranging for the bottles to be delivered to you home and hence require your delivery address. You will receive a SMS before the delivery of the bottles is made.

Key dates

Bottles to reach bakers: September 29th

Cookies drop-off: October 10th – 12th (Drop off location to be shared soon)

We have reached our target number of cookies, thanks to your overwhelming support! Thank you for joining us once again this year! 

Registration is now closed.

For any further information, please drop us an email at [email protected]