Lighting Hearts Lighting Homes 2020

Bake from the Heart

Delicious homemade cookies are festive essential and the process of making them as a labour of love, joy and sweat is a highlight of the Festival of Lights.

It is definitely more convenient to buy these goodies readymade from shops, but we believe it is just as important to prepare the goodies with love and share it with our beneficiaries.
We welcome all homemade cookie enthusiasts to bake simple Suji biscuits for our beneficiaries.

Given the number of beneficiaries this year, we hope that each baker will be able to bake a minimum of 10 bottles of loved filled Suji biscuits.

The recipe for the Suji biscuits can be found below. Please feel free to pen some wishes on the cookie bottles.

Sponsorship of Bottles.
We are working with a sponsor who will provide the bottles for your cookies, hence you will not need to purchase the bottles. To facilitate the delivery of the bottles to you, we request that you provide your home address.


Registration is now closed.
We have reached our target! Thank you for your contributions!
For any further information, please drop us an email at [email protected]

Suji biscuit recipe for LHLH2020

1. 350g self-raising flour
2. 200g ghee
3. 150g icing sugar
4. 150g semolina flour
5. Pinch of salt

1. Add all ingredients into a big mixing bowl
2. Mix/knead till batter comes together
3. Roll dough into small balls and place on baking sheet, keeping a small distance as the balls will expand once baked
4. Bake at about 170 – 180 deg C, fan-forced for about 15-18 mins depending on your oven
5. Cool biscuits and pack into bottles
6. This recipe yields about 150 pieces of suji (approx. 2.5cm in diameter once baked) and can fill up 2 bottles (approx. 10x15cm which will be sponsored)
7. Seal bottles to ensure they are air-tight
8. You are encouraged to write some well-wishes for our recipients on the bottles

As we reach out to our beneficiaries, we have a moral obligation to ensure that our processes and products are of the highest quality which means ensuring hygiene and cleanliness. We seek your understanding in the following NEA’s guidelines on Food Hygiene. 

NEA guidelines on food hygiene

Drop off Details

All cookies are to be dropped off at our collection point between 10.00am to 5.00pm from 26 OCT to 30 OCT 2020 and 10.00am to 1.00pm on 31 OCT.
Venue: Sree Narayana Mission 12 Yishun Ave 5, Singapore 768990.  Its a 7 minute walk from Yishun MRT. Please see map below.