Team LHLH 2021

As a ground up social movement, the most difficult thing to do is to ask HELP from another in aid of others. This trait of humility has been something that we have taught ourselves to embrace as long as it yields benefits to those in need.

Only the below-mentioned individuals are authorized to collect funds for this year’s project.

If you would like to donate, please contact any of of us, or fill in the form here:

Logapreyan Renganathan

A Vigneswari
Uma Pandyan
Ganesan Soma
​Shaneet Nityanand Rai ​
​Uma Ramakrishna
Shravan Kalyankar
Malarvili Agoram
Ahalya Janarthanan
Sentil Ananthan
Shubaashini Vijayamohan
Vemula Jahnavi